Consulting Division

Growth Strategy


Product launch, brand roll-out, industry pivot, industry expansion, our experienced team of strategists are here to assist in maximizing growth potential.

Compliance, Risk Mitigation


Evaluation  of current corporate governance and compliance programs to identify needed modifications, minimizing business exposure and swiftly ensuring appropriate response. 

Audit Service


Specializing in audit services including:  Compliance, Financial, Information Systems, Operational, Investigative.

IT Security and Data Monitoring


With a proactive approach, BSTI will assist your IT group with performance reviews, data monitoring, and security assessments.

Quality Control


Review and evaluation of current quality control standards, process improvement, and standard operating procedures.

Government Reporting


Ensure your compliance reports are audited and successfully submitted across all state and federal guidelines.

Connect with BSTI Consulting

BSTI recruits and develops industry specialists across a range of business functions.  With this, we are able to provide the highest level of consult to your organization with end-to-end business advisory services.  To establish connection and explore service offerings, contact our team today to begin the evaluation of your project requirements. 

Connect with BSTI


Global Reach


With major project focuses in Africa, Europe, South American, and North America, BSTI delivers a global reach to both international and domestic business issues.  

Office Locations


With locations throughout the United States, the BSTI Advisory team is here when and where you need us.  Request a visit to your local BSTI headquarter locations:

Eastern HQ:  Wilmington, DE 19803

Central HQ:  Marshalltown, IA 50158

Central HQ2:  Hereford, TX 79045

Mountain HQ:  Centennial, CO 80015

Western HQ:  Davis, CA 95616



With former and current industry Executives, Presidents, and Board of Directors, your assignment will receive the foremost level of consult by an experience Managing Director.

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