BSTI Global Solutions

 A Global Advisory Firm delivering consulting & software application solutions to diverse industry segments.


 BSTI is an independent global business firm dedicated to helping organizations manage data, mitigate risk, and strategically prepare for industry change.  In our approach to serve our clients with the highest level of consult, we offer a suite of software applications to pair with our enterprise evaluation standards, presenting an unparalleled, multi-tiered approach to solve business issues.   

Staffed with experts recognized for the depth of their knowledge and a track record of making an impact, BSTI Consultants offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist clients across the business cycle.  This includes two primary business units: the Global Consulting Division and the Global Applications Division.

Our Experience


With 3 decades of experience, the BSTI advisory firm combines a unique advantage in the ability to deliver both consulting and application management solutions.  Focus: 

  • Government Audit, Compliance
  • Growth Strategy, Implementation
  • Market Capitalization
  • Cloud-based development
  • End-to-end application integration
  • Networks and systems security
  • Database and warehouse technology


Global Consulting Division


 BSTI  Principals and Managing Directors are involved in the consulting of every project assignment, fully supported by teams of highly qualified field experts.  

Our consultants are recognized as experts in their field of practice and have demonstrated the proven ability to evaluate, educate, and implement positive change in their project assignments.


Global Applications Division


BSTI offers a suite of software applications that will assist your business in a range of business functions.  This includes:

  • Data Analytics, Reporting
  • Process, Genealogy Tracking
  • Production & Quality Control
  • Accounting, Audit Services
  • Sales & Forecasting
  • Operational, Compliance Audit
  • IT Security Management
  • IIoT Connection


Our Partners


Join the BSTI Global Solutions Team

 Begin your career at BSTI today.  Click on the link below to view open employment opportunities in both our Global Consulting Division and our Global Applications Division. 

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