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BSTI offers a suite of business software applications for a growing range of industry segments.  

Expanding on this need, BSTI has recently acquired the 2018 flagship application, Strinos ERP in addition to the cross-divisional team that supports the Strinos service offering.  To learn more about this solution as it relates to your industry, please visit  

Industry Solutions:

  • Compliance and Quality Control
  • Production Management
  • Operational Intelligence Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Materials Management
  • Pharmaceuticals & Lab Management
  • Government Reporting & Compliance Review
  • Revenue Tracking, Forecasting
  • Enterprise Accounting
  • Inventory Positioning, Allocations, and Sales-force Management
  • FDA - TTD Compliance
  • IT Security, Infrastructure Management
  • Data Metrics and Visualization 

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Learn more about the award winning application and the newly integrated team behind Strinos:


Virtual Training Center

A business application is only as good as the training and support behind the product.  With this, we have integrated the entire Strinos team to be part of the BSTI community.  To get started learning Strinos today, please contact us to receive your free password to the Strinos Virtual Training Center.

strinos training center

Watch BSTI Solutions in Action

Begin your introduction to our flagship application, Strinos today with a visual tour.  We will take live examples of the tasks most commonly completed onsite at your business and display exactly how Strinos will solve the needs of your business.

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For industry solution expertise or custom application development, please contact the BSTI Global Applications Division using the SSL Contact Link below:

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